spot fake ray-ban sunglasses

Most people have been wondering how they can spot fake Ray-Ban Sunglasses and we decided to put this together to guide you.

1. Look for complete packaging

Box, case, microfibre cloth, and a booklet – these are all components of proper Ray-Ban packaging. Even if only a single item is missing, you might be buying a fake. However, you should still be wary even if everything’s there. You can tell if it’s a fake by paying attention to several other details:


spot fake ray-ban sunglasses


In the picture above you can see an example of how the original packaging is supposed to look. You can tell if it is a fake by observing several other details:


  • There is no sticker on the side of the box with information about the manufacturer and sunglasses model.
  • There is no logo on the case. The logo should state 100 % UV Protection – Ray Ban – Sunglasses By Luxottica (or similar).
  • There is no logo on the microfibre cloth – all genuine sunglasses have a red logo on it


2. Inspect the frames

spot fake ray-ban sunglasses


Look at both temples carefully. There should be a code on the inner left part, identifying the number and colour of the model. The code always begins with the letters RB and four digits, followed by more numbers and letters.

spot fake ray-ban sunglasses

As far as the inner right temple is concerned, look for the words “Made in Italy” or “Made in China”, or for the letters CE (not all models have those, though). If you buy prescription Ray-Ban glasses, the inner right side will have a logo only.

Original Ray-Bans have the following information:

  • A model No. (i.e RB 4246 on the inside of the left temple)
  • A model’s des­cription (i.e RB 4246 990 51)
  • The lens width and bridge’s length [should match with the Bridge’s engraving (eg, 51 □ 19)]
  • And a lens type code (eg, 3N)

The above example is the model Ray-Ban Clubround RB 4246 990 51

Frame check 1

Original Ray-Ban lenses have an embossed logo on the lenses and the nose pads.

Frame check 1

The lenses either have a logo located on the right side (sunglasses) or the left side (prescription glasses).


4. Think about the protection of your eyes

Be cautious and buy Ray-Ban eyewear only from certified resellers. Inexpensive sunglasses might offer poor light protection, which can greatly deteriorate over time.

Without proper UV filters, dark lenses cause the pupils to widen, allowing harmful UV rays to enter the eye (even more than if you had no glasses at all!). This can lead to painful inflammation of the conjunctiva and the cornea.

category of UV filter for sunglasses

This is characterised by red, watery and burning eyes as well as pain and a strong sensitivity to glare. The symptoms develop six to eight hours after exposure to the sun. However, permanent damage is usually not to be expected.

5. Pay attention to CE marking

Over the years, prolonged exposure to UV radiation can damage the eye lens and thus promote cataracts. The disease is insidious and leads to blurred vision, a veil of grey and glare. The damage is irreversible. However, cataracts can be operated on.

It is therefore important to check before purchasing whether the spectacles have a CE mark, which is mandatory in Europe. With this marking, the manufacturer indicates that the spectacles have UV protection for light with a wavelength of up to 380 nanometres. Harmful light, however, can reach up to 400 nanometres. An additional UV400 label indicates that all rays up to this wavelength are blocked.


Remember – when the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably a fake. Don’t want to risk it? Buy Ray-Ban sunglasses on our website.


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