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Returns and Exchange

We want you to enjoy every product you get from us, but we understand that sometimes, you might have to return a product because it doesn’t quite fit. We’re happy to take it back and exchange it within 2 working days.

The following procedures are to be followed when returning a product:

  • Make sure your products meet all the return requirements
  • Send a mail to sales@superbuy.com.ng
  • The subject should be about returning the product
  • Submit the respective product you want to return with the necessary detail
  1.    The order number
  2.    The name of the product

Submit or send the mail wait for a reply via email

Arrange the item appropriately for return; after it has been retrieved by a Superbuy Nigeria’s courier, a quality check is performed and the item is then corrected.

– We will pick up the said return item at the same address we delivered it.


Conditions required for returning a product:

Products must be unused and in a good condition. The packaging must be intact. Proof of payment must be intact(invoice).

Once the product has been returned, a quality check will be performed. If successful, the product will be exchanged/replaced with the proper item/product. If unsuccessful there will be no replacement of the product and it will be returned as it was received.