nike go flyease hands-free

You do not need to use your hands anymore to put on your shoe anyway not with the new Nike Go FlyEase hands-free sneaker. This latest design from Nike uses the Flyease tech which is designed to help athletes of all capabilities get into their shoes. The Go FlyEase’s hands-free design is made possible due to the midsole, which features a bi-stable hinge that allows the shoe to be secure when it’s open and closed. Another signature detail is the tensioner band that holds the shoe open or closed when you’re ready to wear it, or sliding them off your feet via the kickstand heel.

These pair of sneakers is scheduled to be released on Feb15. to Nike members in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and Japan and more will be added to the list later.

Have a look at what to expect below while we wait for its release.

Price: $120

nike go flyease hands-free

nike go flyease hands-free



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