Spencer McMullen x Converse Chuck 70 Artist Series

After the debut of the last Tyler the creator x Converse Artist Series , a new one is set to drop soon which has the artist McMullen in it, has he was selected by Tyler the creator for this series. McMullen’s creation retains an obvious cohesion via his hand drawn style. Each, though representative of a specific experience, acts as a multi-layered vignette into not only the artist’s life but also that of those around him.

The Parchment canvas and clean white tooling sit as the artistic backdrop, highlighting many a pastel and playful depiction. The lateral sides, which seem to sprawl more aggressively, sees to a mugshot-like portrait of a black-eyed, middle-aged man on one foot and an intimate hair cut on the other. Accents atop lean towards the more random as various caricatures take form in a spectrum of absurdity, a boy and his dog arguably the most tame and an ostensibly maniacal face the most extreme.

See a detailed look of the pair below and should be released on converse.com on April 23rd.

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Mcmullen Converse Chuck 70 Artist Series Mcmullen Converse Chuck 70 Artist Series

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