chinos still in vogue

Sometimes we go shopping and come across pair of chinos trouser or skirts and winder if they are still in vogue. There are so many reasons to love chinos, they are versatile, comfortable and easy to style in. Chinos are that rare garment that you can wear across almost any occasion or even, from work to weddings and more. Better yet, unlike denim and wool, they come in an incredibly wide range of colours, meaning you can have a few pairs in your closet and match the most appropriate to your outfit and occasion. Chinos are an every day, every man, every occasion sort of garment.

Chinos are made from 98-100% cotton which means they are lightweight and breathable, especially great for warmer climates like Nigeria. Added to these qualities of chinos is a unique stretch composition also means they’re perfect for activity, whether that’s walking to work or high-kicking on the dance floor, keeping the skin dry and cool. Lastly, chinos are crafted from a hypoallergenic fabric, meaning there’s a lower risk of any skin irritation.

chinos still in vogue

How to care for Chinos

The cotton construction of chinos means that they don’t retain odour in the same way that other thicker trouser, like denim, would. This means you don’t need to wash them as much, and you shouldn’t – as with all garments, the more you subject the fabric to washing, the quicker the fibres will deteriorate. Resist the urge to wash them after every use or two, and instead wash them only when the odour or colour dictates. Even then, a spot clean can often replace a full machine or hand wash. When you do need to wash them, turn the chinos inside out and machine wash on delicate with cold water, then air dry, to ensure there’s no shrinkage or damage.

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